Addie + Nick


The ‘I do’s’ for Lana & Jean Jaques (known as JJ) was years in the making. The two by day are titans of industry and by evening cozily enjoying great conversation and food. Having met at a concert, JJ instantly was drawn to Lana and as she said, “It was quite literally love at first sight!” After the beautiful proposal (which was l romantic it would take too many chapters to do it the proper justice), they were on the search for the perfect wedding venue that spoke to their combined love of food, her vibrant Russian heritage, and his refined French culture – Auberge du Soleil was the perfect fit! Lana immediately fell in love with the idea of white florals raining down on her as she walked down the aisle in her custom Oscar de La Renta gown that JJ affectionately called “Oscar de la Lana.” His heart was set on the menu and their 6-course dining experience being infused with creativity and passion, as the French are well known for. Curating the right team for building this vision was crucial but the end result…magic! Working together on vibe, texture, and liberal use of color was the most enjoyable experience – particularly as we watched Lana & JJ, as well as the guests, marvel in each event space that was revealed.