Napa Valley destination wedding view

Photography Credit: Mike Larson

We are admittedly biased, but we can honestly say that we believe Napa Valley is the most incredible place in the entire country to get married. Although we have planned weddings internationally, there is a reason that most of our couples choose to come here.. We live and breathe world-renowned hospitality and from the moment you get off the plane, everyone you meet will want to welcome you and share the beauty of Napa Valley with you. That’s exactly what we will share in this blog post today. If you are planning a wedding in Napa Valley, Sonoma County, or beyond, you can learn more about our wedding planning services here.

Contrary to what you may have been told, planning a wedding does NOT need to be stressful. We have created an organized planning foundation that appeals to all the senses and we use honesty. authenticity, creativity, and (a sh*t ton of) humor to make sure not only is your wedding day is the most enjoyable experince, but our goal is for you to spend every minute of the planning process having a great time collaborating. If that approach sounds appealing to you, connect with us directly here.

Why Napa Valley?

When you start to search for a destination wedding location within the US, you are quickly flooded with a million different options. The short version of why we believe Napa is the best of the best? Incredible food, unbelievable wines, inspired views and (most importantly) idyllic wedding venues. We do not do average here (it would never last). On top of that, we have an extended period of favorable weather each year so you have more than enough time to enjoy everything we have to offer.

two brides hugging at winery

Photography Credit: Rebecca Marie Photography

What people don’t expect when they visit Napa Valley, is falling in love with the culture. We have talented artisans here. We are a region built on hospitality and rich agriculture that welcomes its visitors in such unique and inviting ways. You are likely to soak up the intimate community feel while you are here and want to stay in it indefinitely. 

Eat & Drink in Napa Valley

We are also a culture that celebrates fine dining and wine. You can enjoy fresh, local sustainable ingredients and a farm-to-table atmosphere almost everywhere you go (from a taco truck to a Michelin rated restaurant). We obviously vouch for the wine,  but Napa Valley is also a place to enjoy fabulous custom-crafted cocktails. We have 10 Michelin Star restaurants right here in Napa, and many more in neighboring areas as well. You definitely won’t have to travel very far for an enticing dining experience.

fine dining in Napa Valley

Photography Credit: Michelle Walker Photography

Things to do in Napa Valley during your Destination Wedding Weekend

When you plan a wedding in Napa Valley, we know most (if not all) of your guests will need to fly in. They will want to make a weekend of it! There are so many incredible things to do depending on your tastes and interests. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Wine Tasting Tours- Obviously!  (these tours are even more fun in a group!)
  • Book a Distillery Tour (this one is the first distillery to open since the prohibition)
  • Sonoma Raceway Outdoor Karting (for those young at heart ready for extreme thrills – we have a few different places to let loose!)
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides (the best views in Napa Valley are from here, and that’s saying something!)
  • Hiking & Biking (along one of the many naturally scenic trails)
  • Book a Spa day (we take relaxation seriously around here and have many, many spas to prove it)
  • Cooking Classes (always a hit!)
  • Relax Poolside (in case you need a permission slip – this is it!)

An Abundance of Luxury Accommodations

We completely understand the appeal of an “off the beaten path” destination, but as wedding planners do you know what they are usually missing? The luxury accommodation choices that you (and your guests) have grown to love. Napa Valley has many options for incredible accommodation but a few of our favorites are Auberge du Soleil, Solage, Alila Napa Valley, Four Seasons Napa Valley, Meadowood, Carneros Resort & Spa, Montage Healdsburg, and the highly anticipated soon-to-open Stanly Ranch.

Napa valley view

Photography Credit: Mike Larson

Getting to Napa Valley

If all of this sounds good so far, let’s talk about the logistics (we are planners after all!). Napa Valley is only an hour and fifteen minutes from San Francisco, but it’s far enough away to feel secluded and relaxed. You don’t even have to fly into a major airport if you don’t want to. Napa Valley has incredibly easy airport access – you can fly into the Santa Rosa airport in Sonoma (STS), Oakland (OAK), Sacramento (SMF). If you are flying in privately, you can even fly directly into Napa. We usually recommend renting a car to get around while you are here, it’s fairly straight forward to get around even if you don’t enjoy driving in unfamiliar places. However, if car service is more your speed, we have plenty of services from which to choose. There are essentially two veins of highway (HWY 29 and Silverado Trail), up and down the valley, and Sonoma County is just on the other side of the hill for those who want to explore another great wine region.

You can relax and enjoy your destination wedding here.

Last but certainly not least, we excel at relaxation here (in case we didn’t already mention it). We have a good number of spas to prove it. No matter what pampered experience your heart desires after (or before!) a busy destination wedding weekend, it won’t be hard to find here. We are pleased to provide a few recommendations! If all of this sounds like everything you have been looking for and more, let’s have a conversation about your Napa Valley wedding vision. You can connect directly with the Cole Drake Events team here