What to Know When Planning a Napa Valley Wedding

Napa is known for its enchanting vineyards, wine-infused menus, and rich color palettes, but trips to this California hotspot can often involve a walk down the aisle. Marrying in Napa is unique for its destination wedding-like qualities that make it a magical weekend amongst domestic travel. Resorts, rolling hills, and ethereal landscapes can transport you to a different country altogether.

For a just-wed bash that’s unlike any other, we tapped the minds of some wedding industry experts for ways you can wine and dine, ceremony and beyond.

Fully embrace farm-to-table.

“In Napa Valley, farm-to-table isn’t just a cute phrase, it’s a way of life!” says Sarah Drake, co-founder at Cole Drake Events. “Chefs are accustomed to working with the master gardeners at either estate farms or local farms, to nail that ‘picked at its peak’ ripeness that often was growing just hours before it was selected to make its way onto your perfectly adorned plate,” Drake adds. Share with your chef your preferred flavor profiles and allow them creative license to delight you and your guests with seasonal, locally sourced items that will send your taste buds into overdrive.