An Exquisite Wedding at Calistoga Ranch

Napa Valley Wedding Featured in Carats & Cake.

Geraldine Oetama and Geron Garcia give new meaning to a long-distance relationship. The couple first met in Los Angeles in 2007, and spent four years braving the city’s infamous freeways for nights out, beach trips, and late-night karaoke sessions in Koreatown. But in 2012, when Geraldine finished her Master’s degree, she moved home to Jakarta—and put a lot more than traffic between the couple. For a year, they Skyped and FaceTimed, and then Geron transferred from L.A. to Singapore, meaning they could at least have monthly visits between all those phone calls. Finally, in 2016, Geron found a job in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the couple reunited for good. And then, after eight years of dating, the pair got engaged and started planning their fabulous summer wedding.

Though Indonesia is now home, the couple invited their 160 guests to join them in Napa Valley on June 23, 2017. “We couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate with our family and friends than with a weekend of wine and merriment,” says Geraldine. “We’ve celebrated many birthdays and anniversaries in Napa, and it was the perfect destination for us.” They worked closely with Stephanie Cole of Cole Drake Events to create a wedding celebration full of outstanding wine, farm-to-table food, and unique entertainment (like synchronized swimmers!). “Having a planner was a tremendous help, especially because we live in Jakarta,” says Geraldine.

With gorgeous photographs by Larissa Cleveland, super-stylish design, and a few fun surprises, this al fresco wedding in wine country was worth the wait—and the distance!