A Spring Wedding in Napa Valley

Wine Country Wedding at the Carneros Inn

Photo Credit: Larissa Cleveland

On rare occasion, as a planner, you do not meet your bride and groom until the weekend of their wedding. You have been tirelessly planning together for months on end, sent and received countless emails, and have shared incredible late night conversations about their dream day but you’ve never seen them face to face. This Carneros Inn couple was one of these rare instances – and they were every bit of enchanting, as was their wedding, in person as they were afar.
Looking back on this springtime wedding, the day started off with clouds… daunting, gray, ominous clouds. The kind that a planner (and bride) fears – and creates a “back up plan” to move inside in case of rain. We pushed hard to start the ceremony early, and at the very end of the ceremony, during an uplifting verse about love, the clouds parted and a single ray of sunshine illuminated the bride and groom. This was truly an enchanting and unforgettable moment that echoed throughout their entire Wine Country wedding.