We all know “tradition” is a big factor when it comes to your wedding day. But these days, it’s becoming more and more popular to stand out from the crowd. What woman wouldn’t want to create a memorable entrance to the party of her life? Today, we go over a list of creative and unique ways to put your special touch to walking down the aisle!


From Miss Independent to The Mrs! Whether you are a modern day woman who would prefer to give herself away, or your dad just couldn’t be there, you may want to consider the solo walk to the aisle. You could even the playing fields and opt for your groom to walk alone as well.


There once was a bride who didn’t like the idea of walking alone because and she didn’t feel like there is anyone in your life who is right for the job. Well, other than the groom! So they decided to incorporate the couple’s love of beer and the bride’s love for the unexpected. The solution was that they met halfway down the aisle where she met her groom with two beers in his hands, and they both took a ceremonial sip. Then they continued to walk down to the alter with their beers in hand. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom reunited with their drinks and it was a bottoms up!


It’s a sweet surprise for your wedding guests when they see the bride and groom make the entrance together. Walking hand in hand is an intimate gesture and it can definitely alleviate the pressure. After all, you two are both in this together, right?


Could it be true? Two is better than one? To make this novel idea work, create a wrapped around circle ceremony, where the guest encompass a center alter, and the couple each enters from a different side. The ceremony suddenly become an intimate space and there is a sense of equality.


Then what if you just decided to do away with the aisle completely?! It is actually a fun surprise to see a bride and groom enter the ceremony from different sides and arrive at the same time. Your guests won’t expect it, and will probably find it romantic and clever.

So there you have it. Why not create an unforgettable entrance? Who knows, it might even mark the dawn of a new modern tradition. There are so many ways and endless possibilities to making it a special and unique moment. At Cole Drake Events, we want to help you design a memorable event whether you want traditional or the modern day flair.