Let’s face it, one of the most important elements to a successful wedding day is your photo gallery!  You can’t invite everyone to your wedding, but you can definitely share it at its best.   You hope that your trusted photographer will capture all the precious details that define the day, but we’ve done some research, and want to share some of the surefire images that you will be especially glad to see!


There is something so monumental about putting on one of the most important numbers of your life.  Capturing this moment is more than just about the style or the designer of your dress.  But as Brianna Caster, owner of Brianna Caster & Co. Photographers shares, “The bride getting into her dress glancing over at her mother as she buttons up the back is a sort of a passing of the torch from mother to daughter.  She’s buttoning up her daughter to send her off to begin her life and potentially to start her very own family.”  And we couldn’t have said it any better.


Children are authentic and their emotion is unrefined.  On days like this, it is easy to witness a child’s pure joy.  Kerem Hanci, owner of Kerem Hanci Photography tells us, “They speak to the future, the couple’s new adventures and a feeling of hope.  Capturing a kid’s joy even with the simple task of helping with a cuff-link, inserts an earnest feeling of love into every frame.”


It’s the most destined moment of the day. The very instant when your eyes lock is a time that you will want to relive again and again.  Caster explains, “The couple’s expression, although they can sometimes be subtle, are huge.  When you see that photo, you remember your heart pounding in anticipation and excitement to see your spouse in a way you have never before.”


It is a common to hire a wedding videographer to capture these adoring sound waves, but getting still shots from this milestone are sure to evoke a feeling every time.  Close up shots of the exchanging of rings or catching the joy in your eyes while you listen to his promise, are sure to do it justice.


The post-ceremony photo session is one that you won’t want to skip!  There is something so magical about the time when the day is coming to an end, and the sun kisses the world goodnight during the golden hour.  Suddenly everything becomes vivid and your skin glows.  Let’s not forget to mention, this is the time that you sneak away from your guests for some one on one time and get a few romantic portraits that are sure to get blown up for your living room!

Granted, wedding days will undeniably yield gorgeous galleries, but these special moments are a great guide to success.  Cole Drake Events is dedicated to creating that unforgettable event for you and your guests. Call us today, and share your love story.