So you got engaged.  You proudly flaunt your sparkle and share the proposal story, and as you should!  Then suddenly, you will be surprised at how many people begin to make a bigger and bigger appearance in your life.   From the middle school friend on Facebook to the woman who you share water breaks with during your weekly soul cycle sesh!  Questions and interest about your life and your wedding will begin to surface.  The assumption that they will be added to your VIP guest list on your wedding day will shock you!  We’ve turned to the experts to share tips on how to gracefully respond to the presumption of their invitation.


With the amount of line items already on your mind, the preemptive questions can be stressful and frustrating.  Whether you are newly engaged or haven’t begun serious planning, let them know.  An open ended reply like “We haven’t started making any plans yet, we are really just enjoying being engaged!”  This brief comment is sure to put a halt on any more dialogue about your wedding day!


When people begin to pry at the seams to get in the know, try the ‘keeping it simple’ approach.  Tell them you and your beau have always wanted a small celebration with close friends and family. You can say you have decided on a cozy venue with an intimate atmosphere and space is limited.  This will likely help close the door to any more questions.


It is no doubt brides will get the, “Give me the details” questions.  What cut is your dress? What color palette have you decided on?  These questions are wedding convo starters and a great way to deflect is by telling them, “It’s a secret, I want to surprise him and everyone else!”  Shine a bright smile and move the conversation in another direction.  The little wedding radio silence will do the trick!

Yes, you are the newly engaged and beautiful bride to be.  You are going to be in the spotlight, people will be buzzing around you and the soaking up this big time in your life.  It’s a great thing to enjoy the excitement, but when you become overwhelmed with the constant prying from your network of people, practice these graceful tactics and remember to keep this a fun time!  Cole Drake Events is committed to allowing you to truly enjoy this moment, let us take care of the rest!