For some the sheer lead up to the proposal is anxiety inducing to the max. You are fairly certain of the answer to the question long before you ask it, yet the lead up to such a momentous occasion is one that required careful thought and planning to get to the YES! Relief, joy, excitement.  A new chapter in your life’s story is about to be written. Now what?

Amazing proposal done, check. She said yes, check. First and foremost, congratulations! You are already nailing this groom thing! The first leg of the journey is complete, but the next leg now begins. PLANNING!

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to hear congratulations over and over and…over. On top of that, expect that many will hustle you for the date, venue and details. You haven’t gotten that worked out just yet, but you will. Right now enjoy knowing that you and your partner are engaged and really be present for that first. Soon enough, the planning begins. And you will come to cherish this moment even more.

When the planning rubber meets the road, sit down with your partner and discuss what you want as a couple. Take a close listen to what your partner wants. There is a good chance you two have two totally different sets of ideas. There will be ideas and concepts that one partner is more enthusiastic about than the other. Compromise. Compromise helps make a marriage successful; now is a good time to practice smart marital skills. You should each make a list of what you consider “must haves” and find a vision that will encompass all of it. Next, identify where the resources for your wedding will come from (you, parents, the box of treasure buried beneath your metropolitan peid-a-terre). Finally decide upon your guest list. You will find that your guest list is a very important consideration before choosing a venue or the date, as venues range in size, price and aesthetics – all of which can impact a wedding budget.

Securing a wedding planner early on is a great way to put a pro to work for you and your budget. Wedding planners work with nearly all budgets and can assist you early on with decision-making that will positively impact your venue and vendor selection as well as your overall budget.  Wedding planners can work with virtually all (realistic region-based) budgets. The job of the wedding planner is to simplify and streamline the planning process so you can enjoy making the selections and focus on that important time of being engaged. Wedding planning is what they do on a daily basis, all day, nearly every day! They know flowers, dresses, cakes, decorations, guest lists, etc.

The wedding planning process is fun. Fun that requires a bit a forethought and planning to get the most enjoyment. So, now that she’s said YES, lets get started on the fun stuff!

Cole Drake can help you with your unplugged wedding. Cole Drake’s philosophy is more is just more…it’s NOT better. Over doing anything from food to event design is just overwhelming. Keeping things authentic to who you are as a couple is key. If you are already over the top…well, more is better for you and we probably are not the best option for your ostentatious, contrived overly priced day.

We are a dynamic team of planners in Wine Country with a combined experience of more than 20 years of wedding & event design/production, restaurant and hotel management. We are professed foodies with a penchant for using sarcasm and humor to navigate the planning process. Surrounded by the most inspiring vistas (in our humble opinion), the best cuisine (well-known fact) and the most creative people (they are nutty artisans who have more fun than should be legal) we deliver exquisite events and experiences that are keenly focused on alluring your five senses.