wine country wedding planning and events

We understand that planning your wedding can be both an exciting and daunting experience. How could it not be? It’s easily one of the most important days of your entire life! Of course, you want everything to be perfect and for the little details to be all you had hoped for without feeling too overwhelmed. So much of the wedding planning process, however, is being able to pick out the perfect wedding destination.

Check out this list of 6 things you must look for when planning your perfect wedding destination!

Research, research, research!

When it comes to planning your wedding, the destination is going to play a huge role in the decision making process. Of course, the destination can really set the whole tone for your wedding. Because of this, you have to know information about your wedding including the time of year, theme, style, colors, and overall mood of your special day. Knowing this type of information will help you nail down the perfect destination for your dream wedding.

You can never do enough research, so weigh your options wisely!

Know your budget

While it may be your dream to say your “I Do’s” in the middle of a vineyard or on a remote island with all of their friends and family present. It’s important to know your budget and plan your destination based on that. When choosing your destination, its critical to make decisions on the front end of the planning process that wont have you playing financial catch-up in the weeks leading up to that important weekend! Be mindful of your guests

Remember, it’s not just about your budget, but your guest’s budgets as well. Choosing a destination wedding can be a fantastic way for your guests to get away and enjoy your special day as well as a mini-vacation. So while planning, researching, and budgeting for your wedding location, be sure to look for group discounted hotel rooms as well for all of your out of town guests.

Can you combine your wedding and honeymoon?

If you are already traveling for your special day, why not stay and enjoy it? Doing this would make the planning process easier and could really help out with saving on extra airfare. For instance, if you’re having your wedding in the world famous Napa Valley, why not book a luxury stay at one of Wine Country’s beautiful resorts, or boutique Inns?

Know the weather

Part of the planning process includes knowing what time of year you will be having your wedding, and in most areas this includes knowing the climate and weather of that location. Some people really enjoy having off-season weddings and should know what the weather of the location will be like during that specific time of year. In some cases, choosing an off-peak season or off-peak day, can shave thousands off of your budget! Of course, this is all dependent on where you are and when your wedding vision requires. Remember, research is important and working with professionals who can help you navigate your choices EARLY in the process is key.

Hire a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to keep your day running as smooth and stress-free as possible! What’s more, a professional, local wedding planner can help you identify the right venue that works with your overall vision, budget and vibe cutting Google time way back and making the selection process very simple. There is so much organizing and planning that goes into a wedding that having help is one of the best ways to keep things on-track. Another great reason for having a wedding planner is to have someone on your team who knows the area and service providers well.

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