Cole Drake Events is a luxury destination wedding planning company located in the heart of the Napa Wine Country. We have created a planning foundation based on appealing to the senses, using Honesty, Authenticity, Creativity, and (a sh*t ton of) Humor with just a smidge of sarcasm.

Our planning approach focuses on each project from conception to completion; amassing the perfect talent for the event is our forte. Each preferred partner is carefully selected based upon a number of factors including our clients’ budget, personality and interests as to create synchronicity in the process.

While there is a natural order and flow to planning, our clients’ weddings and events are all quite unique from one another.  We work to keep our clients’ vision true to their event (or perhaps they need inspiration from us) and excel at creating a sensory experience for the guests on that important day/weekend.

Few in the industry possess our diversity of experience and breadth of knowledge.  When situations arise that require immediate action, we meet challenges head on – even if it includes a cowbell (true story).

Let us be a part of your memorable wedding, fabulous fete or luxury Napa or Sonoma experience. Where details, precision and creativity are paramount to a successful event, you’ll want the best Wine Country wedding and event planners, Cole Drake Events.

But enough about you, let’s talk more about us

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